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Latar Belakang Syarikat

Saidina Perabot adalah milik syarikat Saidina Excel Services Sdn Bhd (no. pendaftaran: 1121253-T) iaitu sebuah syarikat Bumiputera yang menjalankan perniagaan memborong perabot terus dari kilang dan membekalkan terus kepada pengguna secara online. Saidina Perabot adalah salah satu dari cabang perniagaan dibabawah Kumpulan Perniagaan Sadina (Saidina Group) yang mempunyai rangkain perniagaan yang besar terdiri daripada Pembekalan Perabot, Pembekalan Kanopi / Khemah dan Peralatan, Penyewaan Kanopi / Khemah, Perkhidmatan Tempahan Katering, Perkhidmatan Pengangkutan, Perkhidmatan Pembinaan laman web dan Pemasaran online.

Perkhidmatan Kami

Saidina Perabot yang dimiliki oleh Saidina Excel Services Sdn Bhd adalah Pemborong dan Pembekal Perabot Pejabat dan Sekolah yang memasarkan produknya ke seluruh Malaysia. Kami membekalkan perabot dengan harga yang terendah di pasaran dan berpengalaman luas dalam kerja-kerja pembekalan di seluruh Malaysia termasuk Sabah, Sarawak dan Brunei.

Saidina Canopy Excel adalah pembekal kanopi Utama di Malaysia menawarkan kanopi berkualiti tinggi dengan harga yang murah.

Kami adalah pakar dalam semua jenis kanopi, khemah, shades dan kanvas. Kami membekalkan kanopi yang berkualiti tinggi dan semua aksesori yang berkaitan ( contoh: meja bulat & petak, kerusi plastik & bankuet , alas meja, sarung kerusi, scallop, kipas siling, mentol, skirting, reben, mist fan dan sebagainya) dengan harga yang murah kepada semua pengendali sewaan kanopi di seluruh Malaysia.

Kami mempunyai kilang sendiri dengan kapasiti pengeluaran sebanyak 20 unit kanopi setiap hari . Semua kanopi kami direka khas untuk tugas berat , tahan lama dan mesra pengguna.

Kami tidak hanya menjual produk-produk kami tetapi di samping itu, kami mendidik pelanggan-pelanggan kami dengan pengetahuan yang berguna melalui blog ini serta sokongan pemasaran dengan membantu mereka dalam pengiklanan bagi perniagaan sewaan kanopi mereka seperti mewujudkan sebuah laman web mudah sebgai kit permulaan.

Syarikat ini telah berkembang pesat dan sedang berusaha untuk memperluaskan pasaran ke peringkat global. Kami mempunyai tawaran hebat kepada semua pelanggan berpotensi kami dari luar negara yang mencari kanopi berkualiti tinggi.

Satu lagi rangkaian perniagaan kami adalah Perunnding pemasaran online atas nama Saidina Creative, milik penuh Syarikat Saidina Excel Services Sdn Bhd (1121253-T)di bawah rangkaian perniagaan Saidina Group yang merupakan antara perunding pemasaran online utama di Malaysia. Syarikat ini mempunyai pengalaman yang luas dalam bidang pemasaran online dan memiliki beberapa perniagaan online yang telah berjaya menguasai pasaran yang besar di Malaysia.

Saidina Creative memberikan perkhidmatan dan perundingan dalam penghasilan laman web berkualiti yang berprestasi tinggi. Syarikat ini telah menghasilkan banayk website berkualiti mengikut keperluan pelanggan yang telah banyak membantu meningkatkan prestasi jualan yang sangat menggalakkan.

Who we Are?

  • Our Vission

    We are commited to become global company in canopy and furniture field.
  • Our Mission

    1. We are dedicated to serve our customer with high quality, integrity and reliability.
    2. We are firmly committed to ensure total customer satisfaction by supplying products and services as per customer requirement and timely delivery.
    3. We are committed to be at the top of canopy and furniture supplies field and customers ultimate satisfaction.
    4. We always be competitive and responsive to market needs.
  • Our Strategy

    Saidina Excel Services Sdn Bhd operations and business philosophy are based on the principle of customer service, customer focus and total quality management. Every employee shall operate under the company shared values. Our core values serve as guidelines for our conduct and behaviour with each other and the customers as we work towards our vision. These values form the foundation of how we work and conduct business.

Our Startup Year

SAIDINA EXCEL SERVICES SDN BHD (Saidina Group) was established in 2005 (formerly known as Saidina Excel Service) initially was a canopy rental service provider for wedding occasions and other small events to the community around Batang Kali area in Selangor. At beginning, in 2008, the Company has grown to provide canopy rental and transport services over the district of Hulu Selangor. In 2010, by using a branding name of Saidina Excel Canopy, the company set up a Marketing Department to widen their business activities in supplying of all types of canopy and accessories to all canopy rental operators throughout Malaysia, as well as providing a canopy rental, catering and transportation services to the local residents. The Company continued to grow rapidly and more active in providing professional services.


Plan for Larger Market Area

In early 2012, We developed our official website which was more dynamic, informative and user friendly. We offered variety of products of canopy, marquee tent, canvas and accessories either for sale or rentals. Saidina Excel Canopy successfully attracted many customers by offering the cheapest price for good quality products. We had a great moment in 2013, which is a year we jumped into office and school furniture supplies business called Saidina Perabot. We gain more customers throughout Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei in supplying our products. .


Improve Our Employees

In 2014, Saidina Excel Canopy was registered as a Sendirian Berhad with more capabilities in business competition after gain vast experience in Supply and Services. Saidina Group has made more rigorous planning and innovation for all aspects of administration, operations, logistics, marketing and sales.


We Hire People

In 2015, we recruitted more staff to cope large demannds from quuality customers who continuosly rely on us. We have more than 10 workers and seeking more staff to ensure all customers are satisfied for being entertained of every needs. The company has a vast vision and mission to deliver quality products and services to the highest level of global market. We continuously strive to improve our ability to expand our scope of expertise and explore wider markets with bigger challenge. Saidina Group has a team who was specially trained to provide a high quality services and efficient in their respective fields. We are very concerned about an incredibly luminous quality and customer satisfaction that became the basis of our services.


Larger Achievement

We are constantly doing research in terms of product quality, price, customer service, marketing and most importantly customer satisfaction. Each aspect will be taken into account to strengthen the team, the products and services. We seek more business opportunity to widen our market control by serving better value to all the customers which are their right to get the best of us. Our leadership in Canopy & furniture supplies will ensure a world class supply base focused on continuous improvement and the optimization of total costs that supports Saidina Group business requirements and is aligned with our goal to help our customers succeed. .


Enlarge Our Scope

We are exploring more business with wider scope and scales. We are going to global market worldwide.


Bring the smartest way to enhance technologies

Technologies will ease to meet all customers need.



Md Azhan Mohd Idris

Md Azhan Mohd Idris


Phone: +6017 361 3212